Builds index

Builds index

Use these constructions as you please. Build them, modify them, share them, enjoy them. Please post your builds based on these at BDSMDIY on Reddit so that I and others can learn and use your ideas as well. If you mention my username (/u/ElMachoGrande), I'll get a ping and can answer questions if needed.

Pay it forward!

Some of the OpenSCAD-files require a resource file with parts. It can be found here(delar.scad) and should be put in the same directory as the other OpenSCAD files (*.scad).
The most recent version of OpenSCAD is, at the moment, here, the official site is here.

Artwork (1)

Various logos et cetera.

Built furniture (23)

Play furniture that is built and tested.

Storage (4)

Furniture for storing sex toys.

Not yet built furniture (91)

Play furniture I haven't got around to building yet.

Other stuff (1)

Things which aren't BDSM-related.

Toys (4)

Toys which aren't large enough to be called furniture.

Toys not yet built (16)

Toys which aren't large enough to be called furniture, but which has not yet been built.